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Marriage Preparation
Before You Take Your Vows



Pre-marital/marital education program:
Finding your love connection is the best thing that ever happened to you. It is a time of  magic; of joy; of passion; of cherishing. Add the feeling of being understood; of being accepted; of loving; of being loved. All kinds of plans and dreams merge. They take over your lives. You are enmeshed in wedding plans, hold the date notices, venues, honeymoons, and dream houses. This is not exactly how you planned it or perhaps this is exactly how you always wanted it. You feel like you’re flying as you show the photo on your I-phone.

When one falls in love, when one feels that special love connection, the brain’s dopamine, testosterone and oxytocin flow. Couples commit to each other for a lifetime without their feet touching the ground, knowing they will be one of the 50% who defy the odds of divorce and without doing the sound preparation that can enable them to clash productively and find their own happy future together. You can ensure that your love is blessed forever by taking charge not only of the beginning but of the forever part with our marriage preparation program.

Yes, couple communication in marriage, the marital skills and knowledge necessary to prevent separation and divorce exist. They can enhance the joy of marriage as life together progresses, past the bumps and pitfalls into a love HAPPILY EVER AFTER 4U. Marital research demonstrates that the characteristic most frequently mentioned as essential by those in long-lasting relationships is acceptance and having one’s back protected by one’s partner. Other words may be used to describe that sky-high, walking together on the ground feeling, that love and friendship feeling, summarized by many by the expression having my back.

When You Have Already Tied the Knot

The intention to make joyous marriage, mindful marriage, passionate marriage work is always there in the beginning. But the best of intentions can become frayed with accumulated irritations and hurtful triggers causing marriage problems. Staying in the marriage is less and less the goal of modern marriages, and even less helpful for the children than divorce according to the latest research. But, don’t divorce!  Repairing the hurts and fears, the insecurities and gathering indifference is the best answer for those who seek couple happiness and the well-being of the children. With HAPPILY EVER AFTER 4U you and your soul-mate will appreciate each other more each continuing year.

HAPPILY EVER AFTER 4U will prepare you for marriage and help to extend your happiness throughout your married years.

HAPPILY EVER AFTER 4U will help you make necessary repairs when small kerfuffles and serious arguments occur.


   In seven 1 1/2 – hour sessions
        Before problems occur

Marriage problems?
For married people, too.

Marital counseling
Relationship advice in sex and love, 

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